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Schieffelin Hall - November 4, 2000

Eyewitness Accounts




Jeff Morey

An Ugly Scene, People Screaming, Boyer Squirming.

Mon Nov 6 14:33:11 2000




I debated with myself all the week long as to attending or not. I am ever so tired of the fruitlessness of dealing with “The I-Con” and his phalanx of blind bully-boy sycophants. My gut feeling was that we would be facing a stacked deck. I felt nothing would or could be accomplished. I believe Gary Roberts and I were of one mind on this. However, I was profoundly conflicted because I also felt I should be there to support my friends.


And so, Saturday finally dawned and I made up my mind not to attend. Some of the group went off to Charleston while others of us took-in Tombstone. An invitation had been conveyed to Gary Roberts that he would be most welcome at Ben Traywick’s store. Considering that courteous gesture as a positive sign which would have been downright rude to ignore, Gary and I ambled over to Ben’s place. I hadn’t been invited and was curious to see how I would be greeted. Ben wasn’t at his store but luckily we ran into him at the corner of Fifth and Allen Street. I was both gratified and mildly surprised as Traywick warmly welcomed both Gary and myself. We proceeded on back to his store and exchanged pleasantries. After about fifteen minutes of chit-chat, I excused myself because of a previous arrangement to meet-up with two friends at 11:30 A.M. While at the store, the topic of Glenn Boyer’s scheduled appearance was not discussed.


Boyer was to be at his “Book-Signing/Crucifixion” from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. It was now after 3:00 P.M. when a group of us left the “O.K. Cafe” after having lunch. Word on the street was that Boyer had just been seen in the Territorial Bookstore. There he expressed some disappointment that none of us had shown-up at his event and he considered us all cowards. I remember thinking I couldn’t care less about what Glenn Boyer thought of me. Gary Roberts expressed that very same sentiment, verbally. However, we did wonder if Boyer’s event had somehow been cut short.


As we crossed 4th and Fremont, I could see some people in front of Schieffelin Hall gesturing at us and yelling something. However, I couldn’t make out who they were or what was being said.


We found Casey Tefertiller sitting in front of the Tombstone Boarding House, where he was staying. It was then we learned the Boyer event was still going on and that there had only been a rest-break taken in the proceedings. In a few moments, Allen Barra with his wife and daughter returned from their jaunt over to Bisbee. Allen was appraised of the situation. Casey said he was heading on over to the Hall and Allen indicated he would be along shortly. Allen didn’t think it a good idea for the two of them to arrive together. At this point, neither Gary Roberts nor I had any intention of making an appearance before Boyer’s kangeroo court.


After a short interval, Allen Barra, accompanied by his wife and little daughter, proceded over to the Hall to finally confront the big bad man, himself.


Gary Roberts and I were perched on the front porch of the Tombstone Boarding House intending to pleasantly continue our ongoing conversation. Suddenly, a distressed Larry Knuth appeared, towing his son in hand. Larry said it was getting really ugly in the Hall and he didn’t want his son in such a volatile situation. He went on to describe how Boyer and his followers had descended upon Allen and had him surrounded. Larry felt there was a strong chance of physical assault. He was very agitated.


I had just poured myself a blood warming dose of some premiere Jack Daniel’s Tennesee Whiskey, expecting to leisurely sip at it thoughout the ensuing afternoon. Upon seeing and hearing Larry, I jumped up and hurried back to my room intending to put the glass of whiskey aside. When I opened the door, I remember looking over at Gary Roberts and either saying or thinking, “Oh, what the hell!” and swilled the whole glass down in one inelegant gulp. Then, I was off to Schieffelin Hall to lend support (moral or physical - if needed) to Allen and Casey.


When I arrived, the situation had settled down some, but was still most unpleasant and exceedingly tense. Up front facing the audience from left to right were Ben Traywick, Glenn Boyer, Jane Candia Coleman, and Ron Fisher. Standing near the left wall was Dan Coleman, looking and acting like a petty wannabe thug. In the front row, on the left side of the room, sat three kings and a clown. I remember seeing B.J., Casey, Allen, and inexpicably - Terry Clanton (who seems compelled to seek the limelight no matter how irrelevant he is to the matter at hand). Terry also seems to think that being “neutral” means sitting with Boyer’s critics while rooting for the “I-Con Man”. A couple of rows back, was a wonderfully pugnacious, and very vocal “Nightshade”.


Against the front right wall, was Gary McLelland, his white hair in stark contrast to the gambler-style black hat he wore. I was stunned at his hardcore Boyer supporter stance. Seeing Gary’s true colors was a profound personal disappointment for me. I sat myself down, toward the middle of the room - on the right side of the isle, next to young Tim Fattig. Allen Barra said something or other and Kevin Mulkins looked absolutely rabid as he yelled out something or other from his seat in the audience. He sat a few rows ahead of me and to my right. Frankie was on the same side of the isle as I was, but sat a few rows back. I also think Anon was in that vicinity, but I’m not sure.


I remember Allen asking who had ever seen The so-called “Clum Manuscript”. Of course, Jane Candia Coleman and a woman, whose name, I don’t know, said they had. That their statements contradicted Boyer’s many claims to have lost that MS. seemed utterly unimportant to them. On this day, Glenn was back to saying, or implying that he still had the “Clum MS.” It should be noted, however, that it was never quite clear, with Boyer, exactly what he was trying to convey. I recall he did make the claim that he was going to donate his collection to some repository in Kansas. However, no one would ever be able to access that material and his critics were somehow responsible for History’s irreparable loss! It was vintage Boyer-Babble-Bull.


At one point, something said - I don’t recall what - caused me to yell a reply out. A dark-haired fellow, seated a few rows in front of me turned and shouted, “Take your venom somewhere else!” I countered, “Not while you still keep yours here!”


Allen and Casey never blinked, blanched or let-up. It was like a “good cop - bad cop” double-whammy. In the lion’s den, they were daring enough to stick their heads into the big cat’s mouth and casually report back that it stank down there.


As Boyer announced that his critics were dangerous, Tim Fattig leaned over and noted sharply that Boyer was wearing a gun but oddly it was his critics who were deemed dangerous. I hadn’t realized, until then, that Glenn was packing. Every so often, Boyer would come out from behind his table and try to intimidate his foes. He did this in true bully-boy fashion. At one point Boyer called Casey, “little man”. Casey stood up to him and just stared back. What really alarmed me now, though, was Boyer’s holstered pistol on his hip. While his coat covered most of the holster, the bottom was clearly visible. I went back to Frankie and asked her if she noticed that Boyer was heeled. She had. Glenn would occasionally brush his jacket back to appear ever more menacing. Apparently, the big bold bad-man doesn’t realize that such gestures can, in themselves, be considered “assault”. While Boyer droned on, reading an endless letter his wife had written, I went back to where a Town Marshal was standing and asked why Boyer was allowed to carry a gun in such a dicey situation. One of Boyer’s brassy outspoken female supporters said to me, “He has a licence! So, he has every right to walk around like that!”


It was then that I saw Gary Roberts, who had also come to support Allen and Casey. We both went outside and expressed concern to each other about Boyer’s conduct. After just a few moments of talking, we ventured back inside the Hall.


By now Boyer was wearing down. He was no longer trying to loom over everyone. He realized no one was being cowed. Boyer went on and on about how what he had done with “Ten Eyke” was identical to what Edmund Morris had concocted for the recently published biography of President Reagan - “DUTCH”. Of course Boyer never noted that while Morris had announced his use of a “literary device” before publication, Boyer hadn’t admitted the fictionality of “Ten Eyke” till long after his own book was published. He also seemed to be saying that he had not intended to fool anybody.


At this point Casey turned things around on Boyer. “You say, I Married Wyatt Earp is a story. We say IMWE is a story. You say Wyatt Earp's Tombstone Vendetta is a novel. We say WETV is a novel. Where do we disagree?” Boyer seemed genuinely thrown-off by this approach. He didn’t know how to respond.


While Casey kept badgering Boyer on how his claims differed from those of his critics, I went over to Allen and urged him to ask Boyer about the 1977 letter Glenn wrote to Robert Mullin. In that letter Boyer had claimed “Ten Eycke was clearly authentic.” That letter, I argued, clearly showed Boyer to be lying about never trying to mislead anyone. Gracious as always, Allen said, “Why don’t you ask Boyer?” So, I then raised my hand.


I was recognized and stepped forward, Boyer immediately said he liked my hat. I thanked him for that and he said that when someone says they like your hat you should give the admirer the hat. I said something to the effect that, “I didn’t think so.” Then I explained I was puzzled by Glenn’s 1977 letter. “Why,” I asked, “did you tell Robert Mullin that ‘Ten Eycke was clearly authentic?’” Glenn replied that, “Ten Eycke was representative of a typical authentic frontier type.” It was in that sense that “Ten Eycke” was “authentic.” I was still puzzled, so I pressed on. “If that’s the case,” I said, “why, after my critique appeared, did you ask, in one of your responses, “Why didn’t Morey cite the many letters where Robert Mullin and I were trying to determine just who Ten Eycke was?” Glenn, considered me and falling back into the pattern of his earlier “Ten Eycke was real” scenario, said, “Yes, we were trying to learn who Ten Eycke was IN TOMBSTONE.” Astonished at the mistake just made and the absurdity of his answer, I pointed my finger at Boyer and said, “But, you’re Ted Ten Eyke!” Realizing his flubb, Boyer hesitated, searched for something to say and then finally muttered, “Morey you are a hopeless case!” Turning on my heel and walking down the isle I yelled out, “He can’t answer a simple question with a direct answer, yet I’m the hopeless case!”


After that, Casey resumed pressing Boyer on ending the bad blood. Boyer wouldn’t say “yes” and couldn’t say “no”.


When it was all over Casey tried to mend the fences with Glenn. He asked Boyer to get this all behind us. Glenn’s response was as direct as it was sad. He said he would continue his fight to the grave.


In talking to some of Boyer’s supporters, afterwards, I was surprised at their clear acknowledgement that Boyer indeed had poisoned the well of History. Their position was that Glenn is a beaten shell of his former self. They want our side to “get over it” in their compassion for Glenn’s well-being in these, his final years. They minimize the brutal fact that Glenn Boyer will never pull back from making mean spirited personal attacks by chalking it up to “Glenn just being Glenn.” They don’t seem to harbor any care or compassion for any of the victims of Glenn Boyer’s many lies. While casting a blind eye to Boyer’s viciousness, they beg his victims to relent.


Best Regards - Jeff Morey




Roller Doc

My Saturday in Tombstone

Sun Nov 5 19:10:55 2000


As I drove to Tombstone on Saturday morning, I was anticipating not only the Iron Springs hike, but also the opportunity to meet many of the posters on BJ’s Board. It’s been nearly a year since I graced this board claiming to be the real Doc Holliday who was still alive at 148 years old, thus the name Roller Doc. By trespassing on history, I pissed off lots of people even though I was only having fun. After being thrown off the board by BJ (and rightfully so), I decided to clean up my act and come back legitimately. Although it appeared to be water under the bridge, you never really know when you meet some of these people for the first time.


I must say that I couldn’t believe how genuine and nice everyone was that I met in Tombstone. In no time I was made to feel as if I was welcome. The first person I met was Tim who informed me the Iron Springs event took place on Friday and they rearranged the schedule because of the weather. I wasn’t disappointed because there were plenty of other things lined up. Tim introduced me to BJ. BJ was as much of a good old boy as I have ever met. If anyone had reason to hold a grudge to me, it would be BJ for all the hijinx I created on his board. Then I met Max Roberts, who I must say is not only a bright, articulate guy, but he is very well mannered and I enjoyed hanging out with him.


Casey and Bill Burns, co-anchored the tour-guide thing during the Charleston hike. Bill is a very nice man and certainly the kind of person who you could make friends with easily. Casey awed me with his knowledge of not only interesting tid-bits from Charleston, but on many various other facts. It’s obvious why he is a writer. I must politic for everybody who posts to insist BJ post pictures of his bluejeans from the Charleston hike. You see on two occasions, BJ who was trying to help others make it through the mud, ended up falling in the mud himself. I watched him sink like the Titanic and once I knew he was all right, it was pretty funny. Bill had some neat Charleston pictures in his truck that showed how the town deteriorated over the years.


We returned to Tombstone after Charleston and it seemed like many of the people were going to hear Glenn Boyer speak at 3:00 in Schefflien Hall. Prior to that I met lots of other folks like Mark Dworkin and Larry Willis, along with their wives (again just great people who made quite an impression on me). I also met NightShade who was sweet and delightfully ornery. GAC was there and was quite the gentleman looking out for NightShade. Larry K was a marvelous host who offered me a beer, but since I do not drink, I had to pass it up. Now how many people in the history of Tombstone have turned down free beer? Of course Larry got to stay in the Doc Holliday room. Just as a joke I was going to put a sign above the word “Doc” on the door which would have simply said “Roller.” But I opted not to.


I also got to meet Frankie, who I recognized from the special that was on the History Channel about a week ago. Frankie appeared very laid back and was also a really nice lady. Prior to meeting her, I finally got to meet the infamous ANON. Well I must say I was blown away because my first thought was, “now here’s a guy who could really kick my ass.” I say that because ANON looks more like a former professional athlete. I was not kind to Anon during my Roller Doc days so I initially wondered if he was really going to kick my ass. Instead ANON was quite the conversationalist and we both share a passion, which is ice hockey. I’m sure if there was more time I could have talked hockey with Anon all weekend. Anon I was hoping to say goodbye when I left, but I didn’t see you. I asked Frankie to tell you that I said goodbye. It was really a pleasure meeting you sir. Treese, Cyn, and Ken, I enjoyed talking to you guys on the Charleston hike.


Now for a little bit of the Boyer gig at Schefflien Hall. It actually had all the drama of a World Wrestling pay per view only instead of wrestlers; there were Tombstone historians/writers. When you walk into the Hall, you almost feel like you were attending a wedding. Many of Boyer’s party sat on the right. And Allen and Casey’s party sat on the left. As Glenn was speaking, Allen walked in fashionably late with his wife and daughter and interrupted with some witted sarcasm. Glenn and his posse walked to where Allen was sitting and got in his face briefly but then order was restored. I must say it was a fairly tense moment.


I want to applaud Casey for being quite the “Secretary of State” asking to “end this feud now” on several occasions. It was a little hard to hear Glenn speak but I do think he was more interested in the audio visual aspect of the afternoon since he was paying a great deal of attention to the camera and directing people where to stand and sit so they could be seen on tape. I was a little disappointed that Allen didn’t really get to have the floor. He spoke several times but was constantly interrupted by the Boyer party.

A highlight for me was when Glenn did say to Allen that his work of a writer is to be “respected.” Of course it is but to actually hear Glenn say that was kind of neat. I must say that Glenn is an imposing figure. I wasn’t sure what to expect. You could tell that he is certainly a brilliant writer and speaker, yet there was a part of me that felt sorry for him because of the controversy that not only he has created, but also the parallel controversies that have been associated. At this point in his life he and we should be celebrating his work but instead it seems to be an on-going feud. Despite some of the fraudulent exposures, I must say that I do respect Glenn Boyer for his talent and his dedication to the Old West (fact or fiction). I agree with Casey, it should end now.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my impression of Allen Barra. When you hear Allen speak, you can’t but help respect him and recognize his brilliance. On top of it he is quite a colorful character. Many in the past including myself have claimed Allen to be arrogant. Now I disagree because I would replace the word arrogant with passionate. In my opinion he is naturally passionate in what interests him where others could take that to be arrogant. I’m probably a little bit in awe of the fact that not only is he so versed on Tombstone and parts of the Old West, but he is a wonderful sportswriter and to be able to have that kind of diversity at such a high talent level is to be marveled at. Maybe the highest kudos I give to Allen is that he would go out of his way for just about anyone. It was a thrill for me to meet him.


I am not taking a shot at Ben Traywick, but Ben I was disappointed to see that when Allen extended his hand to you, you totally blew him off. That was not that classy.


The biggest thrill for me though (and I consider it a once in a lifetime thing) was to see Glenn, Casey, Allen, Terry Clanton, Frankie, Jeff Morey, Ben Traywick, and many of the great historians in one room. It was quite a pleasant surprise since I thought the highlight would be the Iron Springs hike. Keith, Leo, Paul, “S”….you guys should have been there. You were all missed. I also want to say that I met many other people in Tombstone, so if I forgot to mention you please forgive me. Everyone was so nice; it was a real pleasure to spend the day with the folks on BJ’s Board.


Finally, I wondered on the way home what if I had set up a display next to Glenn’s books and Ben’s books offering to sign my upcoming book “Still A Huckleberry” on Saturday at Schefflien Hall.




Max Roberts

Well here are some highlights

Mon Nov 6 08:15:25 2000


Boyer, Traywick and Fischer strode down to where the Barra family (including Miss Maggie) was sitting, yelling at Allen and sticking their fingers in his face, threatening to throw him out of the hall. When Allen’s wife introduced herself to Boyer and extended her hand to him, he would not shake it.


Boyer’s responses to questions were mainly, “I can’t hear you”, “sit down and shut up” “this is my event and we’re doing it my way” and the overwhelming favorite- “you’re a hopeless case”. That one was directed to Jeff Morey.


Honestly Brian, there just is very little of real substance to discuss from that “event”.





another profile in courage…

Tue Nov 7 08:38:54 2000


…watching Casey stand defiantly in front of Glenn, repelling the vicious attacks and showing no fear, all the while…having a cleaver strategy to deal with any smokewagon presentation.


I stood across the room watching Casey stand his ground, as the icon progressively sunk deeper into his chair.


I think JFK also would have been impressed, great job pardner.




Casey Tefertiller

Clearing up a few issues

Mon Nov 6 22:52:10 2000


Long drive back, and I have not had time to unpack the car. However, there are a few points that need to be addressed immediately.


First, What a great trip. I cannot express the extreme pleasure of meeting in person so many fine folks who had been connected by cyberspace. It was a remarkable experience, and I savored every minute. I just wish there had been more time for extended conversations with each and everyone. The trips and time together were truly fun.


Now, down to business. In response to “Tombstoner,” you definitely have some misapprehensions. We were never “thrown out” of anyplace. On Thursday night, we arrived at the Longhorn and were told we would have to leave by 8:30 p.m. Arrangements had been made previously that we were to have the back dining room until 9:30 or 10. However, the restaurant employees changed the arrangement with owner Steve Goldstein out of town. We had to attempt Tim Fattig’s presentation and the roundtable with service going on and folks trying to eat. Participants had to gulp their food in order to make it to the roundtable.


After the event, Tim and I discussed the situation. I went to Don Teodoro’s and they invited us to move the Friday night presentations and dinner to their facility. I made the decision, not the folks at the Longhorn. I understand they were not pleased we moved. I am fully responsible, and any ire should be directed solely at me. Had the original agreement been upheld, we would not have moved. I will talk to Steve Goldstein in the future to assure there is no misunderstanding. I had a talk with Ted on Sunday, and he is very eager for us to return to eat all his food and drink all his beverages. Even his service staff liked us.


I would also like to state that I discussed this with Ben Traywick. He assured me that he was in no way responsible for anything with the Longhorn. I believe him.


Before bringing members of our group into Legends on Thursday night, I spoke with the bartender and asked if we would be imposing in their establishment. We were invited in and treated graciously. Before leaving on Thursday, I asked again if there would be an objection to our returning. I was assured they wanted our business. What is funny about “Tombstoner’s” Saturday comment is that it came a few hours before we again returned to Legends, and were again treated graciously.


Before leaving on Sunday, I walked around town and spoke with several acquaintances. Everyone was very nice, and none had heard a bad word about our group. There were fears that Nightshade and Treese would deplete all stock on hand, but no one was particularly upset with that possibility.


Now, on to Boyer. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to return to see his anonymous comments on the Clanton board. That all he found to attack me for was 1) not coming at his bidding, and 2) not donating to his event are truly remarkable. So let me explain a little more.


Boyer’s event was not a debate or a seminar, it was an ambush. It was a situation where he controlled the format, ran the show and directed the content. Or, at least he tried. He tried to pack the audience with his friends and supporters, at least what is left of them. He and at least one other with him were wearing guns and attempting to intimidate. Boyer set up a situation where he should have been able to control what occurred. If Gary, Jeff, Allen or I did not appear, he could cackle that we are cowards. Get that - should we choose not to walk into an ambush, we would be cowards. In fact, over on Clanton’s board, he is still anonymously calling us cowards even though we did appear. What you see is another dose of his spin doctoring, but such a charge is just too bizarre on the face of it. I hope folks will check this out to get a sense of what he is about.


I was not about to change the excursions in order to meet Boyer’s bidding. After the Charleston/Brunkow trip, I walked past Schieffelin Hall layered in mud and carrying the machete given to me by D’Ink. I did not get in a car and speed away - I stopped at the corner to talk with Vickie and Ron Wilcox for a couple of minutes, then showered and left the machete in the room. I came out and stopped to talk for a few minutes, then I came back to Boyer’s ambush, walked in alone and sat in the front row.


Rather than go into detail right now, others can tell what occurred during the next couple of hours. I will probably add a little later. The most important point I tried to convey is that there is nothing left to argue about. Boyer has admitted to everything of which he has been accused, and there is no reason for this to continue. Look back at the articles by Jeff Morey and Gary Roberts, and you will see that beginning in 1995 the charges were: 1) Ten Eyck is not a real source with real material, as Boyer had so ardently claimed; 2) IMWE is not the real and authentic memoir of Josephine Earp, as Boyer insisted that it was; and 3) that Boyer’s work is not acceptable source material for legitimate writers.


These points are no longer in dispute. As Boyer struggled to respond, he gave some confusing metaphysical explanation of a Ten Eyck of the mind. He repeated that the University of Arizona was responsible for the IMWE misrepresentation, and it was done at their insistence. Unfortunately, he neglected to mention that for a quarter century, and he spent years waving around affidavits and insisting on its authenticity. Even at the ambush he discussed how he had altered the material. When I pointed out that Boyer threatened lawsuits against Jeff Morey and Jack Burrows for questioning the authenticity of Ten Eyck, he commented that he may have been joking with them a little.


These are dead issues. There is no longer a debate. Jane Coleman made a point of telling how hard this ordeal had been on her. I imagine it has. There are a number of unfortunate victims in all this. She said, “No one should be forced to live like this.” I actually did feel some sympathy for her when I heard that.


So I suggested that it all end right there. That we deal with any problems, then it would be over. Boyer’s response was to snarl that the only side that tries to end a war is the side that is losing. He would later tell me that this war would go on either until I am in my grave, or he is in his.


What Boyer seems not to understand is that he has already lost. The University of Arizona Press has dropped the book. The Cason family has requested the return of the Ms., and they really are the Earp family. Nothing he can do will every make anyone other than fools accept his Ten Eyck of the mind theory. IMWE will never again be considered an authentic memoir.


There have been those on this board recently who called for an end to all this. I publicly made the same call to Glenn Boyer Saturday afternoon in Tombstone. He adamantly refused, and he is now announcing that he will start a new web page, and set up a series of public discussions trashing his perceived enemies.


Allen Barra and I often disagree, sometimes vehemently, as was seen on this board a few months back. However, I believe we share a certain situation in that we are professional writers, and we cannot allow our reputations to be damaged without response. For those who say, “get over it,” I cannot help but wonder if their call is not simply an attempt to give Boyer a one-way ticket in the conflict. I would hope that any further “get over its” would be directed to Glenn Boyer. He is the one who started this mess by faking history, continued it by insisting on its authenticity, tried to cover it up with personal attacks against his perceived enemies, and perpetuates it today despite an attempt to end it.


Let me state clearly: A one-sided cease-fire is a massacre. We tried to end it in Schieffelin Hall, and Boyer’s response is to escalate it, already throwing out snide comments on Clanton’s board.


On another point, Ben Traywick and I had a good talk after the public session. I hope we can work this out and resolve any problems. We shall see what transpires. I spoke with several of the Boyer supporters after the ambush. To say they were extremely cordial would be an understatement. Those I spoke with in depth appreciated the issues being placed into context and regretted Boyer’s war cries. If they truly want to see this end, it is for them to convey it to Boyer. He has already lost, and it will only get worse for him if this is to continue.




Vickie Wilcox

Speeding Away

Tue Nov 7 04:00:02 2000


Having spent the better part of Saturday slogging through the Charleston mud in Casey’s good company, I stand as a witness that he wasn’t speeding anywhere, either into or away from a meeting with Mr. Boyer. He knew that the “book signing” was planned to be something more, and carefully considered his response. If he didn’t attend, he’d be labeled a coward. If he did attend, he’d be attacked. He chose to attend, and spoke there with amazing reserve and diplomacy. His cool courage, going unheeled into the street fight, would have impressed Wyatt himself! Well done!





On The Lighter Side

Mon Nov 6 23:01:30 2000


I was asked in Tombstone to do one of my “week end summaries” of the trip and recently asked to “dish” by one of the Back Alley Boys. I’m still kind of tired and and of course, I can only speak of experiences that I was either involved with or witnessed…so…(and not one word about my spelling, please!) Also, I know I’ll forget to add some great things so I hope other elaborate on this post.


Leaving from Los Angeles International Airport on the first leg of travel to Tombstone is as close to stepping into a time machine as I can imagine. Anyone who has ever departed or arrived from LAX knows, even at 7:00 a.m., they are truly in the 21st Century. The Tucson Airport is compact and convenient, reminiscent of the 1970s. As you head down the highway the speed limits increase and the lanes decrease. Once you’re in Benson it’s like being in the 1950s, complete with a Diary Queen hang-out on the corner. And of course, the moment you arrive in Tombstone, in spite of the cars and tee-shirt stores, it’s 1881.


That said, some of the lighter highlights included Jeff Morey singing at the top of his lungs in Don Teodoro’s.


You’ve already heard about Larry K’s fuel crisis on the day of the Iron Springs hike so no need to eloborate on that. There was a moment there, when traveling in a rented SUV with Harriet Dworkin, Treese’s friend Peggy, Treese at the wheel and myself in the back we were confronted by a rather large, rather fast moving bull heading toward the vehicle. Four tough, grown women immediately turned into four teen-aged girls as we screamed and giggled while Treese threw the truck into gear. Of course we were advised later that this particular bull was a big pussycat on the hoof who was probably searching for a treat and not interested in ramming us.


Most women get sent drinks? Blessings to D.Ink who knew me better than I thought. He sent a Doc Holliday’s Death By Chocolate desert to me one evening at the Longhorn during dinner. After the Iron Springs hike, when I arrived back at the ranch house, he tossed me a Kit Kat bar to me at the right moment. Forget the “apple guy” on TV. Every girl needs a chocolate daddy.


Speaking of Iron Springs, while exploring the area, GAC found an old, flattened tin can which he declared was Curley Bill’s “Cowboy Chow” dinner. Frankie found an old, bent spoon which of course GAC immediately determined to be Curley Bill’s. A few of us also found the skeletal remains of a steer or cow along the trail; perfectly bleached but kind of weird that the spine and leg bones were on one side of the trail and the pelvis on the other. GAC determined they were Curley Bill’s bones…he was a much larger man than we thought.


We were treated to an excellent walking tour of Allen and Fremont streets by Tim Fatting, who was completely attired in sharp-looking period clothes. He pointed out to us existing storefronts and buildings and explained what they were in 1881. Of course, when we got close to the local high school we were asked if we knew what section of town that used to be…….I don’t think anyone was surprised that moi knew the answer to that one.


Later in the day Jeff Morey led us on a step-by-step tour of the hour or so proceeding the gunfight, the gunfight itself and the immediate aftermath. We were met with only one minor disruption….a scruffy looking guy walking by and yelling out “he’s lying”. That was interesting as Jeff is very forthright when he doesn’t know the answer to a question and offers what is known and speculated as two different things. He’s an honest man.


Group photo time came in front of the replica of Fly’s photography studio. Larry K took one of the pictures, dodging oncoming cars and big rigs on Fremont Street. The suggestion was made that while Larry was dodging maybe someone should point a camera on him…just in case.


We were in the back room of Legends when the rumor came down that we were no longer welcome at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon. It was late in the evening on Friday and the decision was quickly made that the men in the group were going over there immediately to see if it was true. They quickly jumped up and decided to check it out for themselves. Off they went, a dozen or so of our most trusted and courageous men. I was told by one of them that they quickly fanned Allen Street reminiscent of “the walk” in a smooth move that would have made Wyatt Earp proud. Two of the other women and myself decided to hold down the fort at Legends for a few moments, but what we were really doing was fixing our lipstick and enjoying our drinks and a fine cigar we were sharing.


Well, five minutes later the men were back. All that testosterone and no where to go…….not because we were barred from Kate’s, but because they were closing the bar when they got there!


I don’t want to elaborate on the Boyer issue, as Jeff Morey pretty much said it all below, but I will admit it was a Twilight Zone experience. The most surreal thing about the physical confrontation as already described was the flashing of cameras while it was happening, as well as Mr. Boyer’s admonishment to Casey that Casey was standing in front of the video camera.


The round table discussions at the Longhorn and Don Teodoro’s was something I can’t describe. For me it was like a baseball junkie going to fantasy camp with Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Mark McQuire, Don Drysdale, etc., all waiting and wanting to talk, answer questions, indulge tangents and listen to comments. And as a self-admitted “Doc-O-Holic”, with Gary Roberts and Vicki Wilcox there I was in Doc Holliday heaven.


I can’t begin to describe what it’s like standing next to Bill Burns when he’s dressed in his Wyatt gear. It’s pretty amazing, as he looks so much like Wyatt.


Anyone into cop work or forensics or guns was in for a treat as well, thanks to Sheriff Rod of Cochise County, Deputy Randy of Salt Lake County and M.K. Jenkins of Tennesee. Oh yeah, and thanks to Deputy Randy, I became well acquianted with a dark Mexican Ale called Negro Manda***xxxx something or other. I guess I should not have tried to remember the name after I drank a couple of them.


My name should probably be changed from “Nightshade” to “Nighthopper” as I spent a lot of time each evening table-hopping. I knew it was impossible to spend as much time as I wanted with everone so I just tried to visit as long and as much as possible. I would go over to one table and they’d be discussing the Earps’ intentions on the way to the Corral. Another table and Barra was challenging folks to name western movies that had been set in California. Another table and the topic was Johnny Ringo and his murder/suicide. Of course there were conversations about news of the day, and topics of the not-so-distant past, but time and time again almost each and everyone in each and every conversation would turn back to the topic at hand…Tombstone and her people.


Four or five years ago it was predicted by the pundits and debunkers that the internet would turn us all into house-bound techno-philes…that we would cease human contact and just communicate through the super-information highway. One thing the trip proved…we are still human beings with a desire to see, speak to, touch and hear the ones we communicate with, sometimes daily, through this wonderful place of B.J.’s. There was nothing like talking to Gary Roberts face to face, or standing eye-to-eye with my oft- partner-in-war, Max Roberts (well, make that my eye to his chest since he’s about 9-10 inches taller than me), or having Jeff Morey share stories about working on the “Tombstone” script, or taking GAC on a nighttime walk along Tough Nut Street (which can be pretty dark and scary), and Barra to banter with and Casey to comment with or Tim to ask quick questions of — and get an equally quick answer, or Bill Evans to guide us to Iron Springs, or hanging out with Frankie, Cyn, Treese, and the other women folk, or taking Justin K. down the spiral staircase of Big Nose Kate’s to show him the “Swamper’s Liar”, or Miss Maggie Barra saying , “Why Ed Bailey, we cross?” to me, or chatting with Larry K, or being awed by Roger Peterson’s skills as a moderator……………I can’t possibly name every wonderful, close experience we all shared in Tombstone and I know as soon as I sign off I’ll remember some great exchange or conversation with Tom Bryant or Larry Willis or Mark Dworkin or BJ or someone else….


Same time next year.






Casey Tefertiller

Blessed are the peacemakers?

Tue Nov 7 17:04:34 2000


Terry Clanton called earlier, and we had quite a long talk. I was glad of this, because I now have some understanding of what he is saying. I was particularly glad to learn he had addressed his peacemaking efforts to Boyer rather than to just one side. Terry does indeed seem sincere in his efforts to try to convince both sides that a cease-fire should be in order, and I will applaud him for that.


This is a complicated situation, and sometimes folks trying to do the right thing wind up doing wrong. After talking with Terry, I believe he has acted with good intentions, though not complete understanding. So let me throw out a few points.


Several folks have tried to serve as peacemakers over the last couple of years, and their efforts have served only to make the situation worse. It should be apparent by now that Boyer does not want peace in any way, shape or form. He never has, and he made very clear on Saturday afternoon that he never will when he told me that this war would go on until I was in my grave or he was in his. Figuratively or literally, that may well be the case. His problem is that the grave issue is not just mine, it is Jeff Morey, Jack Burrows, Roger Peterson, Allen Barra, Gary Roberts, Billy Johnson and a whole lot more. It is growing to include the likes of Keith Sladic, Tim Fattig and other young researchers who consider this field important. On one side, it is about the Boyer personality cult; on the other it is about truth in history. Boyer is not facing one person: he is facing off against the present and the future. My grave could come tomorrow, and it would matter little.


For many, we see this whole situation virtually as good against evil. What Glenn Boyer has done is fabricate history, then try to cover up his fraud with horrendous personal attacks on those who questioned him. We are not even debating substantial issues any longer - those are settled. Only idiots will blink twice at the “Ten Eyck of the mind” concept or the other ridiculous explanations. What Boyer has done is wrong in all regards. It is wrong to fabricate history; it is wrong to fabricate outrageous attacks against others. I really see no middle ground. Trying to serve as a peacemaker between good and evil is a difficult situation, particularly when evil flat-out refuses. As Gary Roberts clearly said, this is not about a dispute in interpretation - it is about historical fraud and a smear-attack cover-up.


On Saturday afternoon, Jane Coleman gave a talk on how miserable her life had been because of this whole situation. A few minutes later, I stood inches from Glenn Boyer and said that we should end this whole thing right now. Boyer refused. Were he really concerned about the miseries of his wife’s life, it could have all been over right there. Boyer refused.


Not only did Boyer refuse, he returned under “anonymous” to Terry’s board with his attempt to spin doctor what had occurred at his ambush gone awry, and to throw out insults and accusations. I would hope that some who were there would step forward to give their impressions of what occurred, so that readers understand that Boyer’s report is not accurate.


From my standpoint, it seemed ludicrous to make a plea for peace to what would be termed our side shortly after Boyer adamantly refused such an offer FROM ME. If someone is looking for peace, please direct their suggestions to Boyer. He is the one who has refused the offer; he is the one who started all this and perpetuates it.


This has been a situation where the attempted peacemakers have been burned at every turn because peace does not serve Boyer’s ends. That should be damned obvious by now, more than ever in light of what occurred Saturday. If someone truly wants to make peace, direct all effort to Glenn G. Boyer, for he is the one making war. He is the one who refused to end it when the offer came, even after his wife discussed how she wanted it to end and called for sympathy.


I do not want Terry to eradicate Boyer’s comments from his board. I want them there for all to see. I can think of nothing that makes him appear worse than his own words, filled with petty insults and ugly insinuations. And, posted anonymously.


After talking with Terry, I believe he is of good will and good intentions. His comments were misinterpreted - I know I certainly misinterpreted them - and I hope he will not receive further criticism. I also hope this helps him to gain a better understanding of the situation and that if he really wants peace, he will try convincing Boyer to stop.


Terry is right. It is time for this to end. But the only way it can end comes from Boyer. As was said Saturday, he has admitted to every accusation, and there is nothing left to fight about.




Bill Burns

You were brilliant Casey…

Wed Nov 8 11:42:26 2000


Time and time again last Saturday Glenn kept spouting his delirious hateful rantings and continually tried to intimidate you, you never batted an eye as you tried over and over again to extend the olive branch to him. He is a lost and tired old man and unfortunately he will never change. I tagged along with Max Roberts and met Mr. Boyer for the first time on Saturday just before the show started and what was the first thing he said to us? Not a hello or nice to meet you but he called a bunch of chickens…so much for first impressions.

You did the best you possibly could Casey, bravo to you sir.






Mark Dworkin

“The hottest places in hell …

Tue Nov 7 18:15:54 2000


are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” - Dante


Casey, you write that…. “After talking with Terry, I believe he is of good will and good intentions.” Maybe so, but he just doesn’t get it.


I met Terry and talked to him this weekend on two occasions and he is a charming fella, but he doesn’t seem to realize that by taking the position he does he gives the old fraud credibility. He seems to see some sort of moral equivalency between Boyer and his critics, and by seeing so, pretends to assume a high ground. Sometimes, as Dante points out, evenhandedness is not called for, instead a condemnation of evil, in this instance the evil that is Boyer is in order. The misleading of a generation of students, researchers and authors, the significant ruining of the works of authors like Marks and Tanner, the ethnic and homophobic slurs that that Boyer has engaged in, require blanket condemnations, not mealy-mouthed platitudes.


Boyer himself has been reduced to a sideshow, his perfomance on Saturday the final act. He should have been revealed to even his most recalcitrant supporters as an embittered old man, jealous of the newer generation of Tombstone historians and their more scholarly methodology and unable to come to terms with the fact that the parade has passed him by.




Max Roberts

A True Warrior Indeed!

Wed Nov 8 01:07:44 2000


As I was developing film showing the attempted bullying of the Barra family I noticed someone coming to their aid that I did not see when it actually occured. Right there in the midst of an armed Glenn Boyer and an enraged Ben Traywick along with his toady Ron Fisher, I spot Mr. Mark Dworkin coming between them.


Mark, I’m also proud to know you.




Gary Roberts

Showdown at Schiefflin Hall

Wed Nov 8 08:58:07 2000


By now, most of you have read the details of the Schiefflin Hall fiasco in one or more of the posts below. It was a compelling and troubling moment, although in the end, I believe that all of those with open minds could see clearly who the antagonist in this controversy really is. I confess that from the moment I learned that Glenn was setting up this little fandango, my instinct was to ignore it–and I so advised Casey. My thinking was simply that there was nothing left to prove, that it was Glenn’s effort to “ring us in.” Jeff tended to agree with me, while Allen, well you know Allen’s nature. My view was that Glenn would try to use it to his advantage whatever we did. If we didn’t show, he would call us cowards; if we did, Glenn would charge we were trying to disrupt the meeting. We talked about it after arriving in Tombstone, and Jeff and I stuck to our guns.


On the afternoon of the “showdown” few people showed up for the first act, and when several of us passed Schiefflin Hall enroute to our lodging, someone outside jeered at us and called us “chickens” for not showing up. Frankly, that didn’t bother me. It only proved my contention that the whole event was a setup. At any rate as we sat on the porch at the Tombstone Boarding House, Allen and Casey arrived, Allen from Bisbee, Casey from the trek to Charleston and the Brunkow mine. There was another discussion, and Allen took off for the hall, followed a few minutes later.


Jeff, a few others, and me continued to sit on the porch and talk about a variety of topics, until Larry came running down and told us that he had gotten Justin out of there because it looked like there would be trouble. At that point, Jeff who had just poured himself a glass of Jack Daniels, stood up and downed his whiskey in a single gulp, and headed up the street. It looked like a scene out of a classic western. As Jeff left, I knew I couldn’t stay out of it either. I followed shortly thereafter, not because I’d changed my mind about the efficacy of being there, but because I had to back my friends if there was going to be trouble.


Once there, things appeared to have settled down a bit, but the unresponsiveness of Glenn to Allen and Casey intially convinced me that I had been right all along. Jeff and I even walked outside for a few minutes and then returned to our seats. Then something happened. In effect, Casey took charge of the meeting. He pounded away on the need to answer questions, and Glenn steadfastly refused to answer anything. My sense of it was that Glenn was increasingly off balance and unsure of himself. When Jeff stepped into it, with a few quick questions he made clear what the real situation was. It was left for Casey to hold out an olive branch which Glenn refused promising that the fight wouldn’t be over between him and Casey “until one of us is in the grave.” Afterwards, the steam of the moment was gone, and the matter simply ended. Afterwards, Casey hung around for a while and talked with Ben and Terry and others.


The truth is that if it had been left to me there would have been no confrontation. I know the situation with Glenn, and I frankly don’t care if he calls me a coward. But, at the same time, I think it absolutely essential to say that Allen and Casey handled themselves well under the circumstances, that they kept their cool, and that they left little doubt that Glenn simply will not respond to legitimate questions. And, as for Jeff, I wish you could all have seen the expression on his face when Glenn avoided his direct questions and declared him to be “a hopeless case.” Regardless of what is said, I can’t see how anyone left that room without knowing the truth about the historical issues in question.


One other thing needs to be addressed, I think. Several of those present who accused Casey, Allen, Jeff, and others of ganging up on Glenn and being “obsessed” with this controversy, don’t really understand what the controversy is about. It is not about historical interpretation; the fact is that most of us agree with Glenn on one point or another, though not the whole package. And, while it is important, the major issue is not even the fraud. That is what started everything, of course, but had Glenn confined himself to defending his methods, I doubt seriously this controversy would have grown to the proportions that it has. And, besides, as Jeff has eloquently pointed out–and Casey reiterated on Saturday–Glenn has agreed that we were right on every major contention we made in our critique of his work. What he has done has been to change the rules in the fourth quarter, claiming now that we should all have recognized what he was doing all along. Those who have been concerned about our “attacks” on Glenn miss the point that they are not attacks, but responses. Glenn chose from the beginning to avoid answering questions, and instead mounted attacks, not on the logic or the content of our arguments, but on the character and lifestyles of his critics. No lie has been too atrocious to tell. He has spread rumors, played dirty tricks, and created his own monument to the malignity of his approach in THE EARP CURSE. We are not the aggressors here, and that point needs to be understood.


I find the whole situation tragic and sad. I certainly take no pleasure in any of it. On Saturday, Glenn seemed a broken old man, and I could feel sorry for him were it not for the viciousness of the attacks he has launched against others, including, by the way, needless attacks on Nightshade and Frankie on Saturday. It is sad, though, that a man who had both opportunity and respect squandered both through deception and personal vendettas. One of the people who spoke up for Glenn at the meeting told me afterwards, “Gary, it’s over. Everybody knows who’s right in this situation. Glenn’s been discredited. Even his friends know that.” He implied that it was pointless to go on stating the obvious because of that fact. He added,though, that Glenn wouldn’t stop his attacks because he basically has nothing left but that as a way of salvaging his self-respect. He left me with the observation that everyone “in the know” knows what is going on.


So, here is the bottom line, as far as I am concerned: I have no vendetta against Glenn Boyer. I am quite content to leave him alone; I’m even willing to recognize his legitimate contributions. I’ll admit to being sad that he did not use the materials he has in a way that would have contributed to history and assured him a respected place in it. But, if he attacks my character and my credibility, I will have to respond. It is as simple as that. Thanks. Gary




Jeff Morey

And so…the attacks continue.

Wed Nov 8 10:57:00 2000




To say your post was excellent is to state the obvious. If there were an “Excellence Award” on this board, you would be such an all time winner that tedium would rob the awards show of any suspense. I suspect you would then be disqualified from further consideration (so that some of the other posters could gain some recognition) and the award itself would then be ceremoniously dubbed “The Gary Roberts Excellence in Posting Award.”


I would hope, however, that any and all others who experienced the surealistic Kangaroo court in Schieffelin Hall, post their impressions of how things transpired that day. Those who arrived at the hall early enought to have seen Boyer’s first half performance have not been heard from. What happened then? I, myself, would like to hear views of the reaction when Allen finally walked into the lion’s den. Much has been left unsaid. What happened last Saterday was most important. So, it is equally important that eye-witness accounts of what transpired be faithfully recorded for posterity. I would ask B.J. not to discard the accounts provided. Obviously, they won’t remain on the board indefinately, they should, however, somehow be retrievable and not be forever lost.


I expect Gary would agree that neither he nor I want our accounts to be considered, in any way, the final word. So, reflect back, as best you can, and summon up your memories while they are fresh and before they fade over time.


Finally, it seems clear that Boyer will continue to cast ugly aspersions without any regard for common decency. Breaking her silence, Jane Candia Coleman has now put forth her anguished review of the hideous attacks which have unjustly been mounted against her beloved and aggrieved nice-guy husband. Reading her account, one would think she was married to the late Ozzie Nelson. Note how she focuses upon the idiotic actions of the insufferable Earl Chafin. To made Earl Chafin a poster boy for the honest and earnest cry and quest for truth is nothing short of mind-boggling. That’s like calling a wart an exemplary mark of outstanding, eye-pleasing, lip-smacking beauty.


Further on, in her statement, I was stupefied to see Mrs. Coleman/Boyer say her husband was especially concerned that a skulkin’ nefarious no-good stinkin’ bastard (my words, not her’s) by the name of Jeff Morey (That’s Mr. Jeff to you hombre!) was out to KILL her dearly beloved! It seems Bob Bell had once facetiously remarked, on his radio show, that his (Bell’s) friends wanted to see Boyer dead or killed or something. (Thanks Bob, I really needed that!) So, now I stand seriously accused of plotting Boyer’s demise! This, apparently, is the implied reason for Big Glenn’s pistol-packin’ ways. Boyer was a fixin’ to blast me to perdition if I made just one of them funny, slippery, false confusin’ moves that old washed-up Philosophy majors are so wont to do. It’s a damned good thing I didn’t accuse Boyer of spoutin’ tautological conundrums or else he would a plugged me good and planted me deep with them daisies!


The craziness continues…..Ad Nauseam.


Best Regards - Jeff Morey





Glenn drew his finger first

Wed Nov 8 18:18:39 2000


Prior to Allen’s arrival, Glenn was telling us about Allen’s “divorce”. When Allen strode into the room, holding up his “invitation”, his entrance was dramatic. Ron Fischer, and Glenn marched from the podium, and Gary Mc, peeled off from his position to back up the other two. Glenn proceeded to draw his finger and wave it in Allen’s face. I don’t remember his words. At this point Jonelle stood up, introduced herself and Maggie to Glenn, stating loud and clear her marital record with Allen. She then took her leave. Those were tense moments. I was standing in the row next to this exchange and was looking over my shoulder for the nearest exit, should the situation escalate. I felt as if I’d found myself in the middle of a bar fight, as that is the level to which the situation had deteriorated. Knowing the libertines were armed, was disconcerting indeed, but in the end, it was a classic example of brains over brawn.


The rest has been well documented on these pages, and I support the previous posts.






Allen Barra

Now that the returns are in…

Wed Nov 8 14:15:07 2000


so to speak, I’ve got something to say. I waited a couple of days so as not to be accused of breaking “the Peace” — well, you see how long that lasted. Well, what happened last weekend?

It started at the Birdcage where I was invited to appear on Bob Boze Bell’s radio show which was being broadcast from there. A woman dressed in a bad imitation of a period costume began yelling at my daughter and her playmate, Justin Knuth, who were running around in the parking lot next store. “There’s a playground two miles down the road!”, she scolded. (Larry Knuth was a witness to this). About five minutes later she asked me who I was; when I told her she said she was the owner of the Bird Cage and that I wouldn’t be allowed in if I dared to say anything bad about Michael Hickey; I said I did not dictate policy for Bob’s show but I would answer what I was asked. She immediately told me I was thrown out. Should I have made an incident? I didn’t see the point, as Bob was on the air, and a live shouting match would have proved most humiliating to all parties involved, a fact which seemed to matter not to the Birdcage owner. As near as I could figure, that was the lone show of “power” from the Hickey-Boyer-Traywick faction over the weekend, to harass two small children and restrict freedom of speech — no, make that freedom of thought as I had yet to say anything — to a guest.

What happened on Saturday? Well, it was obvious Glenn Boyer was trying to set up his critics, and I had no intention of playing his game. I took my family down to Bisbee where we toured the town, had lunch, and came back at our liesure. I decided to drop in and confront the I-Con Artist about 3:30. Let me backtrack a bit. A few days before Boyer had posted an item on the Clanton board — its still up there, I thin — stating that he had hired a private detective who had information about my “divorce”, and also inviting me to share a mike with him. Well, my wife was extremely p.o.’d and was determined to let Glenn know it. We walked in and I immediately waved a copy of Boyer’ post-invitation and asked “Is Glenn Boyer here? He asked me to join him.” Anyone who says I said anything different is lying; check the vidoe cameras and see. Anyway, Boyer and at leasdt two other people come storming at me, fingers in the air, saying things like “If you try and disrpt this meeting” and “I’ll have you thrown out”, etc. I said, rather politely I thought, that I had been invited and showed them Boyer’s post. They had no response to that. Then my wife reached over to shake hands with Boyer, who, out of fear, I gather, declined it. (This is also on tape). “Glenn”, she said, “my name is Jonelle Barra, and for the record, Allen and I have been married for 22 years and have never been divorced, nor are we getting one.” Glenn looked like someone had just shown up with the Clum manuscript. Then, she smiled and took our daughter off for a tour of the Birdcage and a sapirilla. Maiden name ‘a Sullivan.

I then took a seat down to the left-front where I proceded to unpack piles of copies of stories about Boyer’s fraudulant activities and spread them out in front of the books table for anyone who wanted them. Glenn said something like “You can’t pass them out here”, to which I replied that I had checked with City Hall and that I could indeed distribute them. I then asked Glenn — four times — if he had indeed spread the rumor of my “divorce”; he refused to answer the question. That’s all on tape, too. In fact, for the next hour and a half he proceded to not answer questions. Every time me or someone else in the audience asked about the Clum manuscript or the real Ten Eyck or whatever, he would either mumble “I can’t hear you” or answer with a question of his own. During one amazing fourteen minute stretch — I clocked it — he offered a letter written by his wife, Jane Coleman, to the Cason family as evidence for why he didn’t have to give back the manuscript he was loaned. All the while some refugee from an Italian western kept hissing “Shut up” to me from the wall to the left. I later learned it was Danny Coleman, Jane’s son. At one point he started to lean over to me; Billy Johnson leaned over to him and whispered something in his ear. I saw no more of Mr. Coleman that evening. Remind me to always stay friends with Billy Johnson.

As the afternoon wore on, Boyer began to resemble Humphrey Bogart in the “strawberries” scene in “The Caine Mutiny.” Casey did a fine job of isolating the issues; in effect, he said, Boyer has now admitted to evereything his critics have said, i.e. that I Married Wyatt Earp is a novel, that there is no “Clum” manuscript, et al. Glennhad no real answers to any of this. The coup de grace was delivered by Jeff Morey who pinned him down on the Ten Eyck fakery. Boyer admitted that Ten Eyck was indeed him, a kind of (what he called) a “literary device”. In that case, said jeff, why did you threaten to sue me for saying so? Because, muttered Glenn, I hadn’t decided who he was…? He then seemed to stumble, realizing that he had caught himself in a major lie. “Glenn”, said Jeff, pointing down at him, “You just said Ten Eyck WAS YOU!” There was an embarassed silence, after which Boyer muttered something like “You’re a hopeless case.” It was the closest he came all night to actually giving an answer.

BTW, I may have the wording wrong on that sequence; I’d appreciate it if Jeff would fill in what I got wrong.

I have to go pick up my daughter. More to come later; stick around and hear Ben Traywick challenge me to “mano y mano”, and hear Glenn Boyer call Scott Nelson a liar!




Mark Dworkin

Folks should also know that…

Wed Nov 8 14:41:01 2000


Boyer repeated an ethnic slur against Allen’s presumed Italian heritage by stating something along the lines of how he fears Allen’s Mafia relatives. Disgusting.


By the way Allen, aren’t you glad that the Boyer reassured you that the only reason he hadn’t sued you all of these years was because he thought you were a single parent.


Incidentally, Gary McLelland was one of those who rushed over to get in Allen’s face in an intimidating manner when Allen first spoke up. To his credit Allen was not in the least intimidated.


As regards the Bird Cage, Bob Boze Bell was left in the embarrasing position of having to apologize to Allen for the Bird Cage management’s rude and crass behavior. Maybe visitors ought to rethink patronizing this joint with their bad mannered treatment of a member of our group.


On a happier note, Allen, I enjoyed meeting you and Jonelle and please thank Maggie for signing her picture in my copy of your book.






Tom Bryant

Scheiffelin Hall

Wed Nov 8 19:50:14 2000


Jeff, I was not there for Allen’s arrival, but I did arrive at about 3:30; I saw most of what went on, but it did take a little while for me to sort out some of the players, and being unaware of the initial problems Allen encountered, I wondered why (apart from the obvious reasons) everyone was so agitated. I’ve by now read Casey’s, yours, Gary’s and Allen’s posts, as well as Mark Dworkin’s and Larry K’s. I haven’t seen anything that I feel is wrong or misrepresents what happened.


A few things that stood out to me:

1) Wondering who in the hell the goofball was that was prowling around, and particularly hovering over by Allen. I later discovered he was Danny Coleman. His actions that afternoon were almost comical in his pitiful attempt to appear sinister and intimidate members of the group.

2) Glenn’s equally feeble attempts to intimidate Casey by alternately ordering him to approach the front and/or stand up so he could hear him, or sit down. Again, a transparent attempt to demonstrate who’s the boss. At one point, Glenn stood up and walked within a couple of feet facing Casey which was the only time I wondered whether we should all be ready to leap into action; but it was more bluster.

3) Glenn’s response to Casey’s request to put an end to the animosity. Glenn’s classic response that only the losing side wants to quit brought an audible groan from those in attendance.

4) Thanks to Allen for clocking Glenn’s letter reading at 14 minutes. I thought it was two hours. It gave him another chance to kill time while avoiding the hard questions about the Clum and Cason manuscripts, Ten Eyck and other unpleasantries.


Two people told me that Danny Coleman was asking who I was. Isn’t it strange that at an ostensibly public event, Glenn’s son-in-law feels the need to identify someone he doesn’t recognize?


I have pleaded for name calling, anonymous poison posts and such activities to stop on this and other boards, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions about who is right and who is wrong in these situations. Casey, Jeff, Allen, Gary others who have been smeared by Glenn and his minions have my full support. And to those of you who will undoubtedly come on the board in the coming weeks and spew venom and defenses of Glenn: If you don’t have the guts to sign your name to your hateful letters, don’t expect them to be given any weight by those of us who read them.


Tom Bryant Last updated 31.8.2004


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