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New additions are listed in italics.


    1880s Shotgun Patterns (and their relation to the street fight) - By Randy Lish


    “It’s Just a Flesh Wound”: The Gunfights of Tombstone’s Black Knight - By Paul Cool


    Were the McLaurys Leaving Tombstone? - By Paul L. Johnson


    Remembering the McLaurys - by Pam Potter


    O.K. Corral: A Gunfight Shrouded in Mystery - by Casey Tefertiller and Jeff Morey


    A Fresh Look at “Big Nose Kate” - by Patrick A. Bowmaster


    The Spicer Hearing Testimony of H. F. Sills - A Detailed Comparison by Mark Dworkin


    H. F. Sills, Mystery Man of the O. K. Corral Shootout - by Jane Matson Lee and Mark Dworkin


    Charlie Siringo, Letter Writer - by Mark Dworkin


    Escape of a Highwayman: The Riddle of Sherman McMaster - by Paul Cool


    The Streetfight: What We Know And Why We Know It - by Jeff Morey


    Lady Sadie (True West article) - by Carol Mitchell


    Big Nosed Kate - by Anton Mazzanovich


    The Second Article on Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal - by Anton Mazzanovich


    Did Wyatt Earp Arrest Ben Thompson In Ellsworth In 1873? - by Gary Roberts


    “Blaze Away!” Doc Holliday’s Role in the West’s Most Famous Gunfight - by Jeff Morey


    Wyatt Earp and the “Buntline Special” Myth - by William B. Shillingberg


    Wyatt Earp’s Buntline Special - by Jeff Morey


    Quiet Wyatt - by Woody Campbell


    Wyatt Earp, Senior Citizen - by S. J. Reidhead



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